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lilBagie Portable Bag Dispensers

At lilBagie, we're Passionate about Safety, Convenience, and being Earth Friendly. Our Adorable Plush Dispensers are with you when you need them most, whether at home or on the go, you can count on lilBagie to aid in your disposal of soiled diapers.

When you need to dispose of a soiled diaper, just pull down the scented, biodegradable bag from beneath the bears head, tear it off at the perforation, open the bag, place the diaper inside, tie a knot, dispose, and you're good to go!

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A Furever Friend

lilBagie's Pet Collection is just as Adorable and Convenient to use. 

Simply attach to your leash when walking your pet for a fast and easy clean up.

Our bags are 9" wide by 13" tall, built strong, scented, have a cardboard tube, and are biodegradable, because we care about the earth too.

Refill rolls sold separately.

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Plush Refillable Earth Friendly Bag Dispensers